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How To Install Triple Rate on Sway-A-Way Shocks

How to Install Triple Rate on Sway-A-Way Coilover Shocks


The is a simple diagram of a Sway-A-Way coil over shock with triple rate installed. For general reference the "TOP" of the shock is the end with the reservoir hose, and the "bottom" of the shock is the lower eyelet.

From the top in consecutive order here are the parts used:

1. Preload Ring (Red ring near the top of the shock).

2. Steel shim (used to reduce friction while preloading).

3. Tender Spring (small light coil spring in red).

4. Spring divider (turned down for triple rate).

5. Upper Main Spring.

6. Secondary engagement rings (also called crossover rings, chrome steel).

7. Spring Divider (long collar points up).

8. Lower Main Spring.

9. Lower Spring Seat.

Everything slides up onto the body from the "bottom" of the shock.

Keep the springs just snug at full extension as allowing the coils to come unseated can cause damage.


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