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Dzus Fasteners

Dzus Fasteners are an excellent way to hang fiberglass and sheet metal components with ease of removal. Our Dzus fasteners are the best available and are reasonably priced. From Dzus Buttons to self-ejecting dzus fasteners we can help you with their installation and supply you with what you need to make the project easy and affordable. Let Off Road Engineering supply you with the finest racing components including our Dzus fasteners.

Self Ejecting Dzus Fasteners
Self Ejecting Dzus Fasteners

Ejector fasteners provide 1/4 turn action with studs that eject from the receptacle when unlocked. They will not hang up when sliding or curved panels are removed and give a visual sign of an unlocked fastener. The stud assembly is mounted directly to the outside panel with 1/8" rivets or screws. Made from steel with bright Silver zinc plating. Wing head versions also available.

Dzus Buttons (Oval Head Fastener)
Dzus Buttons (Oval Head Fastener)

Motor Sports Racing style fasteners insure that the stud can be completely removed from the panel when unlocked which can be an advantage with sliding or curved panels. Unlike undercut studs, these Do Not have a groove under the head for a retainer. Available in oval head or countersunk flush head. Wing head versions are also available. These Dzus Buttons are made of steel.

Dzus Fastener Mounting Springs
Dzus Fastener Mounting Springs

Our Dzus "S" Style Springs are fastened to existing sheet metal or our mounting tabs and then adjusted for the depth of the Dzus Button for the perfect fit. These spring steel components will keep your pannels mounted securely while giving your project that "Finished" look.

Dzus Tabs
Dzus Tabs

Our dzus tabs are made of 16 gauge steel and formed to weld flush to round tubing. These tabs work well for may types of applications. Trust Off Road Engineering for quality products and helpful information.

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