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Home > Lighting > Baja Designs Lights > Soltek 8" La Paz HID Off Road Lights

Soltek 8" La Paz HID Off Road Lights

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

Soltek 8" La Paz HID Off Road Lights

These full size lights offer excellent HID light output at 35watts. The La Paz is offered in two lenses: Driving, and Spot. Spot lenses are best used for high speed and long distance illumination. Driving lenses are a general purpose pattern. When comparing lighting it is important to remember that light output is directly proportional to the surface area of the reflector, and intensity is controlled by the lens and the bulbs wattage.

Performance Offroad Lighting Has Evolved. The Baja Designs Soltek single 8 inch racelight is the only quick-adjusting, pedestal-mounted, race quality headlamp of its kind available today. Combining race proven optics, durability, and innovative new features, the Baja Designs Soltek racelight is a step ahead of all other lighting systems on the market. This is why Soltek lighting is the exclusive lighting system of the Pflueger/Monster Energy Trophy Truck team. Take a look at our features and compare to the competition:

* Race Quality Pattern. Only computer optimized optics are used giving drivers the best possible light spread pattern. Both driving and spot lenses are available allowing you to fine tune your lighting for any offroad situation. * Quick Adjusting. A quick-adjust top knob allows the beam angle to be changed in seconds with no tools. The lamp assembly is rubber mounted within a reinforced chromoly steel cage that attaches to the vehicle. Up to 3 bolts can be used to attach the bottom pedestal. * Internal Ballast. On HID versions the ballast is prewired and housed internally within a water-sealed, glass-reinforced back housing. No separate mounting locations or special wiring is necessary. Simply supply it with switched DC power as you would any other lamp. * Weight. At only 4 pounds. 8 ounces, the Soltek single lamp is one of the lightest performance lamps available. * Quality Electronics: On HID versions, only top-quality Generation 5 HID ballasts, ignitors, and bulbs are used. No cheap imitations that can fail at any time. On Halogen versions, only premium 100W Halogen H1 bulbs are used.

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